• Effective Resume Tweaks

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      Recruitment Consultants Bristol 2014-10-15_121658

      Have you ever been faced with 200+ resumes to review? Probably anyone who has will then change how they format their own resume. Here are some tips to make your resume formatting easy on the eye and push your chances of being on the keep pile.

    • The flattery of counter offers

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      Recruitement Agency Bristol 2014-10-15_112650

      If you’ve put together your resume, applied for positions, interviewed and finally received a job offer it is unlikely you will be swayed by a counter offer from your existing employer, or will you? What should you do when your current employer at long last realises how unhappy you are and offers you the salary, position or location you’ve always wanted….

    • Time to re-think your CV?

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      At ISL we see hundreds of CVs. It’s a given that grammar and spelling have to be perfect, but if you are applying for a position which is likely to have many applicants somehow you need to attract the reader’s attention. We know our clients and their company culture so we can help review your CV to highlight areas we think can be tweaked to be more in tune with …

    • Changing your mindset – recruiters and recruitment agents

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      Do you ever get to the end of a morning and realise you’ve spent your whole time at your desk without actually speaking to anyone?  Whether you are recruiting or job hunting it is easy to get into the habit of relying on email for much of the process, when actually the quickest and easiest way to identify whether you wish to proceed is a conversation. Lou Adler wrote an …